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RBA, inc.

RBA, inc. | Trial Preparation

At RBA, trial preparation can include everything except picking the jury. Attorneys can put their faith in our comprehensive approach: when you call us, we have the ability to read the file and outline an investigative strategy structured for the best trial results. Alternatively, we can provide any combination of individual trial preparation services, inclusive of:

  • Coordination of court appearances for clients

  • Expert referral

  • Preparation of witnesses for testimony

  • Alerting clients, witnesses, and experts for court appearances

  • Preparation and/or service of subpoenas (see Service of Process)

  • Photographs of accident scene

  • Court filings

  • Document retrieval

  • Signed statements

  • Surveillance

  • Information services

RBA can prepare subpoenas for trial as well.  With our unique proprietary system designed by our founder, we can accommodate your precise needs.  We can:

  • Prepare subpoenas according to your provided list of entities

  • Lay out fees for subpoenas

  • Confirm address for service

  • Perform the follow-up work and secure records in court

  • Field all calls concerning subpoenas served

  • Obtain so-ordered subpoenas

  • Review your file and prepare a list of records needed for trail

If there are services you do not see listed, please feel free to contact us!

RBA, inc.

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Trial Preparation