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RBA, inc.
RBA, inc.

RBA, inc. | Litigation Support

RBA is an all-inclusive firm, providing not only superior investigative services but comprehensive litigation support. The keys to our success are:

  • Having an on-site attorney/investigator who handles trial preparation

  • The ability to determine the scope of the investigation, enabling us to work closely with our clients.

  • Full time investigators, all notaries, who are qualified to execute affidavits and sworn statements for investigation, discovery, and inspection.

  • A unique proprietary system designed by our founder, enabling us to prepare subpoenas.

  • Always seeking the newest technology, like the state-of-the-art GPS tracking for all process servers. While New York City law mandates servers photograph the place of service along with geographic coordinates, RBA demands its servers use this system for process anywhere in the Metropolitan Area.

  • Our team of process servers, who can secure so-ordered subpoenas in court and make service in all five boroughs and nationwide, while our office staff follows up to ensure everything–from records to experts, insureds to witnesses–makes it to court on time.

RBA provides services inclusive of:

  • Expert witness referral

  • Coordination of IME’s

  • Coordination of EBT’s

  • Securing discovery material

  • Process of authorizations

  • Subpoenas

  • Notices of deposition to non-party witnesses

  • Preparation of affidavits

Whatever our clients’ legal needs, RBA is equipped to achieve the results and service.

RBA, inc.

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