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RBA, inc.
RBA, inc.

RBA, inc. | Providing RESULTS & SERVICE since 1986

Since its founding in 1986, RBA, inc. has consistently been at the forefront of private investigation, litigation support , and trial preparation. We have the training, experience, and tools to fulfill our client's needs. Our licensed investigators are not stuck in cubicles: they are out in the field, finding the answers. They dedicate themselves to every case they handle, seeing each one through to the end and maintaining open communication with clients to ensure results.

Not just your average investigation firm, RBA is a one-stop shop, enabling us to produce results on a rush basis if necessary.  We are equipped for everything from surveillance to beginning-to-end service of process, where, using our own unique proprietary system, we can prepare documents, cut checks, and effect service in an efficient manner that puts us in a class of our own.

While other firms ask what has to be done, RBA takes pride in our unique ability to anticipate what has to be done and take action quickly, allowing our clients to focus on their other priorities instead of having to focus on us. Since it is an investigator�s job to know, it is our philosophy that we should not spend copious amounts of time investigating the client�s needs, but rather investigating the answers to their needs.

This ideology has carried our firm through over 25 years of trial preparation and investigation. But more importantly, it has allowed us to continually deliver the results and service that mean so much to us and to our clients.

RBA, inc.

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